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Earth Day 2020

As our world is united together during this season of quarantine, we’ve seen nature enter back into our human-centered environment. This rapid reclamation of our world is a reminder that our existence takes place within the greater context of the natural world.

Our vision has been to explore, and bring into practice, a new notion of how the treatment of water resources can be based upon a restoration model. Delving into the deeper mechanisms of how this occurs within living systems, we have been guided by the path of water and the essential role it plays on this planet.

We have an opportunity to pursue new paths through this challenging time. Life is transformative, and through transformation, life renews itself. This dynamic energy within living ecologies is critical, or they stagnate. We embrace this dynamic as it is the lens to see more clearly how to best move forward, to be renewed and more alive.

May this Earth Day be one of renewal and restoration for both ourselves and the world. Let’s make the most of this challenge, and let it be a time of rebirth. There is a brighter future ahead. Let’s embrace it!

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