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Facilities Management – Environmental Solutions

BOC bio-catalytic compositions, Eco-Cat CleanTM and Pool-CatTM offer the highest level of performance in deep cleaning and odor control, combined with a safety profile that is unequaled in the industry. The array of benefits made possible with BOCs can be applied to all of the major environmental challenges encountered by the facilities manager.

Odors from grease interceptors and organic waste containers can be cost-effectively controlled with simple equipment set-ups. Pools and spas will be naturally kept cleaner and clearer, while reducing the fumes of traditional pool chemicals, all while substantially reducing fouling and mineralization build-up. The ultra-deep cleaning of the full spectrum of organic pollutants, including deeply embedded greases and oils, and hydrocarbons, enables the facilities manager to bring back deeply stained surfaces to their original cleanliness.

Eco-Cat CleanTM  can be added to kitchen and bar cleaning routines, parking garages and driveways, providing a solution to the deeply embedded stains, lingering odors, slippery floors, and drain cleaning, that no other cleaning product line has ever been able to solve.


  • Ultra-Deep Cleaning of Kitchens, Floors, Bars, Garages.
  • Instantaneous Odor Neutralization.
  • Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals and Discharges.
  • Prevent biofilms and other scum-like residues.
  • Reduce maintenance time and equipment failure.
  • Highest safety and environmental compliance standards.


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