NONTOX® – Bio-Catalytic Treatment of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

NONTOX® is a powerful bio-catalytic agent for cleaning TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) from soils and all hard surfaces.

NONTOX® releases the TPH pollutants in a form more compatible for microbial remediation.

NONTOX® stimulates natural biological reactions within indigenous microbial ecosystems through enhancement of oxygen transfer, thereby supporting accelerated remediation rates of the TPH pollutants.

NONTOX® will treat virtually all TPH pollutants, including, crude oil, jet fuel, and diesel oil.

  • Enhances remediation of TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons).
  • Provides excellent surface cleaning of TPH components.
  • Treats all types of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Helps in the precipitation of metals in wastewater discharges.
  • Reduces time associated with soil and water remediation and cleanup.
  • Provides immediate and ongoing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) suppression.
  • Reduces fire hazards, increasing flash point, and auto ignition threshold points, in gasoline or fuel oils.
  • Does not require personal protective equipment.

NONTOX® is fully compatible with all application equipment, including, hand or power sprayers, helicopter, airplane, and floating equipment. NONTOX® requires no special personnel protective equipment.


Dubai Fire Department

The Dubai Fire Department recently conducted tests and found BOC to be more effective than conventional fire retardants in extinguishing oil-based fires. It also remediates the hydrocarbons and is green and non-toxic. These videos show NONTOX very quickly extinguishing an oil and tire fire. Once extinguished, the second video shows that it will not relight.

Oil Spill Remediation

Oil Spill Remediation

Oil Spill Remediation

NONTOX Breakdown


NONTOX® may be applied to TPH contaminated soil, shorelines and beaches at dilutions of 0.2% – 2%. Rates of application will vary with TPH concentrations, equipment specifications, and soil types.

For general dilution ratios, use a mixture of 4 gallons (15.2 liters) of water with 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of NONTOX® to treat 1 cubic yard (1 cubic meter) of contaminated soil.

NONTOX® should be allowed to soak for up to 30 minutes to maximize contact time on heavily coated surfaces. Type of power washing system will determine optimum dilution rate.

Cleaning Dilution:
For Light Cleaning: Use 1 part NONTOX® per 256 parts water.
For Heavy Cleaning: Use 1 part NONTOX® per 50 parts water.

Conditions for Use: Water salinity does not negatively affect product performance. Water temperature under 2°C can affect product performance. Aged or highly viscous concentrations of hydrocarbon may require presoaking prior to removal.

Flammability: None
Shelf Life: Maximum 2 years.
Special Handling and Worker Precautions for Storage and Field Application: None
Skin, Eye and Hand Contact: Use of protective eyewear and rubber gloves is recommended under normal GMP’s.
Ventilation: None required.
Respiratory Protection: None required.
Maximum and Minimum Storage Temperatures: Maximum temp: 50°C, Minimum temp: 2°C.