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Composting – Odor Control & Accelerated Composting

BOC provides exceptional values to any composting operation. It will, when sprayed onto a compost pile, instantly neutralize noxious odors. This can be accomplished at a range of dosage rates depending upon turnover of piles, nature of organic wastes, weather conditions, etc. Atmospheric misting is also extremely effective and will provide a much improved odor neutralization than any competing product, at a very competitive price.

Recent scientific studies have shown confirmation of the ability of BOC to accelerate composting rates, resulting in greater turnovers to operators and higher quality compost. Easily applied simply by adding to the water used to water compost piles, BOC offers a fundamental tool that any composting operation will find has compelling operational and economic value.

The use of BOC biocatalytic compositions to establish optimal Ecological Animal Care is an incredibly exciting area for us. Ecological Animal Care is built on our unparalleled performance in odor elimination, the resulting substantial reduction in insects and pests, and in enhancing the breakdown of animal’s wastes on a highly accelerated basis. These capabilities are always a major factor to either the pet owner, or large animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

We offer the highest safety profile with superior performance. Urine odors are primarily an ammonia type compound, which with simple spraying is rendered immediately neutralized. Feces and their cleanup has never been more effectively handled due the capabilities of BOC biocatalytic compositions to breakdown the organic components which soak into substrates, such as cement floors or fabrics.

In stables and large animal feeding operations, including piggeries, the highest animal safety characteristics is combined with both the most effective odor neutralization agent on the market, but also a catalytic chemistry that breaks down the wastes. Effective at high dilutions either through spray down system, or manually applied, it is now possible to bring any facility to a state of being odor free and ultra-clean.


  • Instant neutralization of odors on contact
  • Accelerated composting rates
  • Improved quality of compost
  • Higher turnover of compost
  • Reduced cost in operations


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