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Hydrocarbon Cleaning/Remediation – Accelerated Degradation of Hydrocarbons

NONTOX® offers a highly effective bio-catalytic cleaning agent for petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) pollutants. NONTOX® acts on the full spectrum of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants, providing very deep cleaning capabilities, especially within substrates, as it solubilizes these insoluble pollutants, rending them more suitable for subsequent environmental treatment procedures.

NONTOX® is highly water-soluble and is able to be used effectively at extremely high dilutions through any water spraying or foaming systems. The safety and economy of using bio-catalytic compositions surpasses traditional harsh chemical agents in addressing the primary challenges and underlying ecological restoration mechanisms that are required in protecting the environment.


  • Immediate action on insoluble TPH compounds
  • Immediate rise of flash point of fuels
  • Enhancement of subsequent remediation procedures of TPH pollutants
  • Stimulation of indigenous microbiological populations
  • Ultra-Deep cleaning of substrates of TPH pollutants


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