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PC3™ Organic – Water Catalyst

PC3™ Organic is a broad-spectrum water catalyst that utilizes the power of oxygen transfer through highly reactive nano-bubbles, in conjunction with essential micro-nutrients, to enhance key aspects of ecological dynamics.

Irrigation Systems: PC3™ Organic offers excellent cleaning and preventative maintenance of organic and inorganic fouling of irrigation emitters and sand filters. Essential micro-nutrients, in conjunction with enhanced oxygen transfer, benefit soil ecology.

Composting: PC3™ Organic aids aerobic microbiological activity within compost piles, eliminates noxious odors, and improves turnover rates.

Odor Control: PC3™ Organic offers excellent neutralization of dangerous and noxious odors, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), at very high dilution rates in water.

Anaerobic Digestion: PC3™ Organic improves solubility of organic compounds to increase bio-methane yields and quality.

Irrigation Line Cleaning Calculations

Bio-Organic Catalyst, PC3™ Organic, Water Catalyst


PC3™ Organic is a dry formulation and needs to be mixed into water prior to deployment. This 17.2 lb. container will make 55 gallons/200 liters of ready-to-use PC3™ Organic. It is recommended that the ready-to-use PC3™ Organic be used within 3 months after preparation.

Irrigation Systems: Initially add 32 oz. per acre (2.5 liters per hectare) into the irrigation lines and leave for up to 12 hours (overnight). Then on an ongoing basis inject 2 – 4 parts per million (ppm) into the irrigation lines. Recommended to use continually, or on a periodic basis, depending upon your specific maintenance requirements.

Center Pivot Systems: Field Crops: 13 – 26 oz. per acre (1 – 2 liters per hectare). Apply three (3x) times over the growing season.

Composting: Add 1% of ready-to-use PC3™ Organic into water and use up to twice a month on compost piles.

Odor Control: Add ready-to-use PC3™ Organic at high dilutions up to 500 x 1, or greater, and deploy through spray systems.

Anaerobic Digestion: Add 250 -500 mL of ready-to-use PC3™ Organic per 1 ton dry Volatile Solids.

Contents: Organic plant derived surfactants, highly purified yeast extracts, citric acid.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. If product splashes in eyes, rinse well with water.

PC3™ Organic has been approved for use in organic operations.

Product suitable for use in Organic Farming in accordance with Regulations (EU) No 2018/848 and 2021/1165 and the NOP Regulation.

Controlled by ECOCERT F-32600


Manufactured in the USA under domestic and international patents.

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.
A wholly owned subsidiary
of Neozyme International, Inc.

As the manufacturer of Phyto-C3™ Organic, we are permitted to state the following:

Phyto-C3™ Organic has been granted approval for use in organic operations by a USDA certifying organization.  We are instructed to inform potential purchasers to contact their own USDA organic certifier to verify for their respective operations.

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