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About Bio-Organic Catalyst

Bio-Organic Catalyst produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry, that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry. The Bio-Organic Seal of SafetyTM is our commitment to offering the highest bio-aquatic safety on the market today. Click here to learn more about bio-aquatic toxicity and safety studies.

All Bio-Organic Catalyst products are produced in the United States and must meet the highest standards of quality.

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Our products are not only completely safe and non-toxic, but offer a new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of ecosystems.

About Bio-Organic Catalyst

Bio-Organic Catalyst is bringing about a fundamental transformation in the advanced purification of our water resources and the cleaning arts. Learn more here.

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Key Features Mechanism of Action

The key attribute of Bio-Organic Catalyst’s BOCs is their ability to cause an immediate catalytic breakdown of the molecular structures of organic contaminates. Learn more here.

Science of Bio-Organic Catalyst

BOCs have been perfected over many years of research and applications’ development based upon the Bio-Organic Catalyst patented composition formulations. Learn more here.


BOCs are built upon the powerful bio-catalytic capabilities of a fermentation supernatant, derived from plants & minerals, offering a highly enriched & concentrated nutrient source.


BOC offers substantial operational optimization in aquaculture, agriculture, biological film growth, mineralization, & hydrocarbon remediation applications.


Our products are not only completely safe & non-toxic, but offer a new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of ecosystems.

BOC Seal of SafetyThe Bio-Organic Seal of Safety™ is our commitment to offering advanced green biocatalytic solutions that transform the treatment of our water. BOC product formulations have undergone rigorous independent testing, including leading recognized EPA certified laboratories.

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