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Cooling Towers – Bio-Catalytic Water Clarifier

CT 100™ enhances water clarity, mitigates fouling of surfaces and filters, and allows reductions in chemical agents.

CT 100™ creates highly reactive nanobubbles that increase oxygen transfer within water. These nanobubbles act to dissolve both biological and inorganic fouling.

CT 100™ offers synergies with existing sanitizing chemicals and filtration systems.

  • Reduces energy loss.
  • Improves water discharges.
  • Reduces sanitizing chemistries.
  • Maintains cleaner surfaces.
  • Eliminates fouling of filters.
  • Improves corrosion control.
  • CT 100™ is formulated for chelating and sequestration of calcium and magnesium ions to soften the water.
  • CT 100™ provides protection against corrosion on metal and glass surfaces.

Watch this presentation from Mike Platt in Amsterdam on BOC in cooling towers here.


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