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Bio-Catalytic Cleaning – Advanced Bio-Catalytic Solutions

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.’s biocatalysts (BOCs) are the next generation in green chemistry; where surface waste contaminants are both safely cleaned and then rapidly broken down via bio-catalysis into their fundamental constituents. BOCs offer the highest performance of any deodorizer, cleaner or degreaser; with a non-toxic and biodegradable (green) cleaning chemistry, combined with a virtually instantaneous catalytic breakdown (biodegradation) of the waste contaminants; yielding ultra-clean surfaces, substrates, and drainage systems.

The BOC biocatalyst technology represents a transformation for the cleaning industry, whereby all general cleaning, degreasing, hydrocarbon remediation, drain cleaning, odor elimination, and wastewater discharges are synergistically integrated. The total process becomes upgraded into a single and cost-effective environmental management model, benefiting staff, cleaning quality, and the bottom line.


  • Prevent microscopic organic bio-film growth (‘biofilms’). Break down the residues of traditional detergents, chemicals and sanitation agents. This results in a new standard of cleanliness and public health.
  • Meet EPA and USDA requirements for use in food preparation and discharge into public waterways. Use of BOCs has demonstrated impressive results in reducing environmental pollutants and wastewater discharges.
  • Completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-allergenic.
  • Will replace most cleaners, detergents, degreasers, and solvents. BOCs bring immediate elimination of septic conditions and noxious gases.
  • The toughest stains and soils are deeply cleaned.
  • Dangerous volatile gases and odors are immediately neutralized.
  • Greases and oils are easily removed and rapidly catalyzed.
  • Drains are made free-flowing.
  • Wastewater discharges are treated ‘at-source’.
  • Microscopic biofilms that harbor toxins are quickly bio-degraded.
  • Both surfaces and underlying substrates are left ultra-clean.

The ability of the BOC biocatalytic compositions to rapidly break down FOGs (lipids & hydrocarbons) is unique in the marketplace and is an area that offers tremendous benefits to nearly all cleaning systems. Grease buildups are a chronic problem in drainage pipes, collection systems (sewers) and intake channels. They block lines and must be cleared on a regular basis.


Bio-Organic Catalyst, Mechanisms of Actions

Some of our Customers…

Aria Hotel, Las Vegas
Boston DPW
Casears Palace
Chrysler Pacifica Design Center
Embassy Suites La Jolla

Fairmont San Francisco
Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara
Four Seasons Hotel New York
Las Vegas Hilton
Marriott Seattle
Marriott San Francisco
Paramount Studios

Peninsula Swan & Dolphin, Orlando, Fl
Port Authority Of NY/NJ Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Ma
Tahiti Village Resort
The Houstonian Hotel, Houston, Tx
Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

Municipal customers in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Toronto, Arizona, and California are using BOCs for applications in municipal sewer systems, including pump stations, and wastewater treatment facilities.

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