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NONTOX, Bio-Organic Catalyst

Canal Petroleum Spill Response with NONTOX

Check out these pictures of a demonstration using NONTOX for fuel spill cleanups on the canals of Netherlands. Ultimately, our goal is to provide both ongoing petroleum spill response and restoration of canal ecology, resulting in cleaner, clearer, and healthier…

World Biogas, Bio-Organic Catalyst

Anaerobic Digestion Optimization Using BOC

Bio-Organic Catalyst was recently published on the World Biogas Association website. The case study report is on the effect of BOC treatment in a 50k tonne foodwaste and swine slurry AD plant. "Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) has been used in this…

Revolutionary Water Treatment, Bio-Organic Catalyst

Revolutionary Water Treatment Chemistry

Bio-Organic Catalyst was recently featured in Build Magazine. Check it out! BUILD Magazine: Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. has developed revolutionary water treatment chemistry and was very fortunate to receive two awards recently, as part of the 2017 Infrastructure Awards. The awards…

Build Magazine Certificate, Bio-Organic Catalyst

BUILD Magazine Award

Bio-Organic Catalyst was awarded with the Best Water Purification Solutions Provider 2017 & Most Innovative Odour Control Product from BUILD Magazine.

Aguas De Cartagena, Bio-Organic Catalyst

Debris Collapsed Sewer System in La Boquilla

A serious obstruction in the sewage collector that leads the sewage from La Boquilla to Cielo Mar is the cause of the emergency that occurred ten days ago in the town of La Boquilla where residents and tourists are complaining…

Bio-Organic Catalyst Microbubbles

Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) Technology

Bio-Catalytic Reactions and Gas (Oxygen) Transfer The bio-catalytic compositions (BOCs) of Bio-Organic Catalyst, offer an entirely new platform technology to the water treatment and waste management marketplace. BOCs provide two critical and complementary functions; One, a catalytic breaking of molecular…

Water and Soil Treatment Breakthrough

Checkout what Andaman Ag has to say about us! "We’re very excited about our new partnership with Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC). BOC manufacturers a product called Phyto-Catalyst that’s a revolutionary breakthrough in water and soil treatment. Phyto-Calalyst offers distinct and diverse…

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