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World Biogas, Bio-Organic Catalyst

Anaerobic Digestion Optimization Using BOC

Bio-Organic Catalyst was recently published on the World Biogas Association website. The case study report is on the effect of BOC treatment in a 50k tonne foodwaste and swine slurry AD plant.

“Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) has been used in this trial in two phases, firstly a controlled batch observation to ascertain the effect it would have on the consumption of the feedstock in a controlled environment and secondly to observe this effect under a full-scale dosing regimen.The controlled batch treated reactor consumed over 20% more than that of the control untreated reactor prompting a full-scale dosing which after 35 days has shown a 12% increase in gas yield as well as modest 3% increase in gas purity.The following report is on the trial, the results and recommendations.”

Click here to download the full PDF report.

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