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Bio-Organic Catalyst, Animal Care, Horses

Ecological Animal Care for Horses

Bio-Organic Catalyst provides services for ecological animal care. Take a look at how the Al Marmoom Initiative implements our product!


Horses in temperature controlled areas suffer from VOC and in open stables, they are bothered by flies. By applying the BOC solution through a fogging system in the stables, the following is achieved:

  1. VOC/Ammonia and nitrogen eliminated.
  2. Horse lung capacity improvement in the absence of VOC.
  3. Highly oxygenated water mist keeps animal’s fur-coat free of any biofilms, hence flies are not attracted in open conditions.
  4. Grease and biofilm free mane, forelock, fur and tails.
  5. 1% to 10 % increase in performance/endurance depending on the previous housing conditions.
  6. Humidity and temperature management.
  7. Electrical cost reduction of air scrubbers and other cleaning equipment.
  8. Detergent-less floor cleaning.
  9. Elimination of all hazardous chemicals from animal care.
  10. Urine and feces do not contain any cleaning chemicals so are far superior in composting. With BOC applied it is odourless composting.
  11. Biofilm removal from the stable’s floor decreases the chance of a disease out break.

(The Al Marmoom Initiative works with our distributor Bio Catalyst Middle East)

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