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Debris Collapsed Sewer System in La Boquilla

A serious obstruction in the sewage collector that leads the sewage from La Boquilla to Cielo Mar is the cause of the emergency that occurred ten days ago in the town of La Boquilla where residents and tourists are complaining about the unbearable smell Which is in the area. Aguas de Cartagena said that the damage to the collector is due to an accumulation of debris and wood debris that have been generated from the works of the Cartagena-Barranquilla viaduct and that its repair requires time for several reasons: the size of the debris that Were found to merit that the withdrawal of the same is done manually because they exceed the capacity of the method of pressure-suction used by the company to solve problems of common obstructions in the sewerage network.

Another reason is that in the area there is much infrastructure built there by the Coastal Concession that advances the road works and the damaged collector is four meters deep.

Therefore, to reduce the impact on the community, Acuacar aims to finish a bypass tomorrow, which will allow the Sewerage system to be maintained while the sewage decontamination work is being completed. This alternative solution consists of making a diversion of the pipe of 200 linear meters to redirect the wastewater. Until then, Acuacar has enabled two pumping systems, one directly to the collector and the other to be dumped in the Cienaga de la Virgen, in order to avoid overflows in the sector housing and roads. The company reported that to mitigate the impact on the ecosystem is constantly applying a powerful biological catalyst, called EcoCatalyst, which increases oxygen levels, accelerating the
decomposition process of organic matter and any kind of bacteria. It also controls the generation of odors.

Acuacar said that the dumping that is carried out in the Ciénaga is less than 2% of the wastewater produced in the city and prior to doing so, they gave notice to the corresponding authorities covered by the environmental license 0345 of 2001, granted for construction Of the Submarine Emissary, in which it is contemplated that in case of contingent situations, the Ciénaga and the Bay may be discharged as it was before the project.

The emergency registered in La Boquilla has ignited the alarms in the city about the environmental control exercised by the authorities to the construction works. Environmentalist Rafael Vergara said that in this case there is an irregular management of solid wastes and that the city deserves that the authorities investigate and find the responsible of the happened thing and it will be necessary to take the pertinent measures to correct and to prevent future situations.

“It is true that the negative impact that is taking place on the swamp at this moment is transient because it is not a permanent dumping, but they are things that should not happen and that in any case there are people who are suffering the consequences. The residents of La Boquilla, near the sea, are not smelling precisely of Chanel perfume, the smell is disgusting and hopefully there are no health problems in the inhabitants, “said Vergara. El Universal communicated with Cardique to know its concept about dumping, but it was not possible to obtain a response at the time of this publication.

Through a press release, the Coastal Concession assured that they are not responsible for the obstruction to the sewer collector since they have the measures for the proper handling of the solid waste and the disposal of the excavation materials. The concessionaire informed that an expert group of the firm made presence in the area accompanying the Planning manager of Acuacar to show that they are ready to collaborate in what
is possible within their competence to facilitate the work.

– John Montoya Cañas, manager of Aguas de Cartagena

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