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Reducing Lettuce Harvest Time By 20% With Phyto-Cat™

Reducing lettuce harvest time by 20% with Phyto-Cat™

Check out the case study from an Israeli hydroponic farm, using Phyto-C3™, a biocatalyst produced by Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.! By using Phyto-C3™ in the hydroponic production of salanova lettuce, it reduced the time of harvest by 20% and improved crop quality.

Download the presentation on Reducing lettuce harvest time by 20%

Report from Bio-Organic rep. In Israel Eli HALPERIN GM of E H Green Products for the Environment LTD.

Download the presentation: Reducing lettuce harvest time by 20%.

Phyto-Cat® has been renamed Phyto-C3™ in accordance with California regulatory guidance.

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