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Phyto-Cat® – Water Conditioner

Phyto-Cat® is a breakthrough biocatalytic water conditioner utilizing a safe green biochemistry for superior cleaning performance of organic and inorganic fouling of emitters and lines.

Phyto-Cat® offers powerful water hydration benefits to plants, and the ability to lower water consumption.

Phyto-Cat® transforms irrigation cleaning maintenance into a comprehensive water management tool that enhances water usage.

Phyto-Cat® facilitates greater solubility of nutrients, improves soil/seed nutrient conditions for root growth, and improves aerobic soil conditions.

Phyto-Cat® attributes include:

  • Maintains clean sand filters, irrigation lines and emitters.
  • Optimizes water usage
  • Enhances aerobic soil microbiology.
  • Improves moisture penetration and uptake.
  • Enhances bioavailability of nutrients.
  • Improves subsurface root zones.

Important disclaimer: Every location, crop, and water source presents unique challenges which may impact performance of the product.


Watch the video on how Phyto-Cat® Irrigation System Cleaning works here.

Watch the video on a Two Year Old Vineyard Development Under Phyto Cat® Treatment here.

Watch the video on using Phyto-Cat® at Chalone Vineyard here.

Watch the video on using Phyto-Cat® at Sebastiani Vineyards here.

Watch the video with a sample of how Phyto-Cat® works here.


Phyto-Cat® is optimally used during watering cycles at a dosage rate of 2 – 4 ppm of total water flow. This allows ongoing maintenance of the entire irrigation system, including sand filters, lines, and emitters.

Phyto-Cat® can be used for periodic cleaning of drip lines and emitters at a dosage rate of 1 liter (34 oz.) per acre for overnight cleanouts of lines and emitters.

Determine dosage rate requirements based upon specific growing conditions and water quality.

Not for organic crop or organic food production.

Phyto-Cat® is non-toxic, non-caustic.
Recommended Shelf Life: 2 years.
Storage Temperatures: Minimum 2°C, Maximum 50°C.



 89.5%  Aqueous Solution of Fermentation Supernatant (Yeast Extracts)
 9.5%  Alcohols, C11 – 15 Secondary Ethoxylated (Non-Ionic Surfactant)

Keep out of the reach of children. If product from this container splashes in eyes, rinse well with water.

Manufactured in the USA under domestic and international patents.

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.
A wholly owned subsidiary
of Neozyme International, Inc.

As the manufacturer of Phyto-Cat OrganicTM, we are permitted to state the following:

Phyto-Cat OrganicTM has been granted approval for use in organic operations by a USDA certifying organization.  We are instructed to inform potential purchasers to contact their own USDA organic certifier to verify for their respective operations.

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