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Bio-Organic Catalyst Successful Trial At Al Qudra Lake (Duck Lake, Water Source DEWA Water).pdf

Bio-Organic Catalyst Successful Trial at Al Qudra Lake

Under the guidance of Dubai Municipality, a three-month study was conducted at one lake in Al Qudra using Bio-Organic Catalyst for lake management and treatment.

Bio-Organic Catalyst was able to manage the water properties according to the requirements of Dubai Municipality and the Environmental Agency without using any other additional products. The product has been confirmed to be eco-friendly, aquatic life friendly, sustainable, and easy to use during the trial period.

Additionally, The product was able to ensure that the levels of dissolved oxygen in the lake were maintained above the required levels with a positive effect on the aquatic life.

(Case study completed by Bio Catalyst Middle East)

Attached is the letter of recommendation for the governing authority in Dubai, click here to download.

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