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Alps Ecoscience To Present At World Biogas Expo 2020

Alps Ecoscience to Present at World Biogas Expo 2020

Our UK Team at Alps Ecoscience will be presenting at the World Biogas Expo!

Alps Ecoscience’s Business Development Director, Wade McRoberts is speaking at the World Biogas Expo 2020 on 6-8 October. Delivered online, this event brings together the biogas industry for best practice learning from all over the world. Alps Ecoscience have attended the event each of the last three years, participating as panelists, speakers and exhibitors. For this years virtual event Wade is speaking about biological process optimisation, its role in AD Lifecycle management and value this approach delivers to biogas production.

During his talk Wade will focus upon:

Setting up for Anaerobic Digester (AD) success

  • The role of lab work in correctly categorising the input waste mix and its volatility
  • The value of pre-treatment in accelerating substrate decomposition
  • The use of pilot plants in optimising production and forecasting biogas production volumes

Understanding & classifying AD reactor stages (simplifying complexity)

  • The impact of continuous sampling in achieving biological system balancing
  • Tactical application of catalysts to boost or stabilise a reactor

Operational and commercial upsides of AD optimisation on biogas production

  • The benefits of the approach in OLR & HRT
  • What consistency of biogas yield means for operators
  • The implications for green energy supply of consistently reliable biogas plant forecasts

Wade’s presentation covers the science, particularly the potential of bio-organic catalysts in accelerating chemical decomposition in an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) context. For the less scientifically minded there will be practical examples of success within biogas facilities in the UK and Ireland. This innovative talk should appeal to a wide audience of AD and Biogas professionals.

Wade may also share some thoughts as an Agronomist on the contribution AD can make to soil quality and food production sustainability agenda.

To find out more about World Biogas Expo 2020 and to hear Wade speak register for a free delegate ticket World Biogas Expo 2020.

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