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ALPS, Southern UK Biogas Site Case Study Overview

ALPS, Southern UK Biogas Site Case Study Overview

Issues with the viscosity of its digestate leading to incomplete AD processing. Resulting in:

• Higher power consumption
• More stoppages and maintenance
• Larger volumes of dry residual solids to be removed
• Lower grade liquid fertiliser
• Fluctuations in biogas yield

After taking digestate samples and completing a production lifecycle analysis report, Alps Ecoscience proposed a solution incorporating continuous testing, feed stock pre-treatment and patented reactor additives to:

• Increase the overall rate of decomposition
• Reduce FOS/TAC
• Increase the CH4 concentration
• Increase organic loading rate (OLR)

Alps Ecoscience’s managed service solution has delivered a stable, hungry anaerobic digester, producing 5% higher methane concentration and 20%+ higher OLR. Commercially this equates to incremental revenue of over £100,000 pa.

Click here to download the full case study PDF: Southern UK Biogas Site Overview

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