Sewer and Collection Systems – Odor Control (H2S) and Slime Layer Cleaning

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BOC has phenomenal H2S gas (odor) reduction performance compared to other chemical or biological agent in the marketplace.  Importantly, it also offers an ability to biologically reduce sewage upstream of wastewater treatment facilities. BOC is able to treat miles of sewer lines downstream of injection, cleaning the biological growth (slime layers) within the pipes which are the underlying biological sites for anaerobic conditions leading to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) formation, and creating higher bulk sewage dissolved oxygen levels.

BOC is able to increase the dissolved oxygen levels  within the sewage flowing  through the sewer pipes as it captures dissolved oxygen from the turbulence of wastewater flows.  When combined with aeration within wet wells, floating grease, clogging, and odorous gases can be solved, while at the same time initiating the biological reactions which can lower the eventual loadings (BOD/TKN) and discharges of wastewater treatment facilities.

Bio-catalysis of wastewater constituents (BOD, TKN) within the collection system, reduces the loading values prior to the wastewater treatment facility, thereby reducing aeration demands from BOD and TKN reductions. BOC has shown capabilities to lower H2S levels in sewer line repair/replacement that exceed the capabilities of all other chemical products on the market.  This market application has proven to be quite compelling as the threshold levels of H2S for worker safety make these a crucial test of product performance against all competing, and typically toxic, chemical agents.

Benefits Include:

  • Substantially eliminate H2S gases and odors
  • Eliminate floating grease in pump stations
  • Treat upstream TKN/BOD loadings (Active pre-treatment of sewage)
  • Reduce chemical costs
  • Much safer than harsh and toxic chemicals


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