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Watch out for BOC Agriculture and Paper and Pulp
application news in 2017

Our technical breakthrough in Agriculture lies in the ability to clean drip and irrigation lines with an advanced ‘green chemistry’ product, replacing the use of harsh chemical treatments. Phyto-Catalyst®️ facilitates more aerobic, and healthy, ecologies in soils, thereby enhancing nutrient and water transport to the plant. Our Phyto-Catalyst® product line is truly a revolution in agricultural water and soil conditioning that supports optimum plant growth, facilitates advantages to traditional treatment protocols, and furthers the evolution of more sustainable agriculture programs. Click here to learn more.

With Fiber-Catalyst®️, we have been pioneering an entirely new ‘green chemistry’ approach to the massive paper and board manufacturing industry that combats slime formation and corrosion in paper processing, while replacing, or substantially reducing, the toxic biocides normally used.  Water quality is dramatically improved, paper quality is better, and the subsequent treatment of wastewater discharges is benefitted. Click here to learn more.

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