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We have a very expansive vision of the future wherein we invent an entirely new model of ecological management which has the potential to fundamentally affect the most critical environmental challenge of our coastal regions around the world.  This challenge is called: “‘non-source point pollution” and has been increasingly seen as the major environmental risk to coastal marine ecology as the runoff of various pollutants into the sea is causing significant environmental damage to the health of the ocean and the aquatic life within it.  Our seas are slowly dying.

Currently, the only solutions have been to attempt to capture the runoffs flowing into the sea and channel this storm water into wetlands or water sanitation systems.  Unfortunately, the long term impact of these runoffs continues to mount and our coastal marine environments are at serious risk of being increasingly unable to support aquatic life.

The BOC bio-catalytic compositions provide a new revolutionary green model of restoration of this ‘non-source point pollution’, wherein through using advanced bio-catalytic cleaning of pollutants that actually improves the downstream water bodies it flows into.

BOC bio-catalytic technology has shown phenomenal performance in the cleaning of gasoline, grease, and oil residues on parking lots, streets, bridges, tunnels, airports, railroads, fertilizers from farmlands, and waterways; and then continues to breakdown those waste components as these discharges enter downstream drainage systems and water bodies..

BOC will naturally energize and accelerate bio-remediation rates of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon pollutants within both fresh or salt water. These BOC compositions have been shown to initiate the rapid bio-catalytic breakdown of crude oil, jet fuel, diesel oil, and other organic contaminants; eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water as the end products.

Various governmental regulatory agencies are in the process of creating better requirements and enforcement of new tougher discharge limits of these pollutants into our waters.  This is an international phenomenon, and coincides with tougher maritime vessel discharge limits in the open seas.

The unique performance characteristics of BOC are especially well-suited to the complexity of tackling ‘non-source point pollution’, through any kind of wash down protocols, which lead to an accelerated bio-remediation of pollutant contaminates, including petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as a restoration of ecological systems.

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