Before & After using Bio-Organic Catalyst Products

Aqua-CatalystTM – Municipal & Industrial Odor Control
Aqua-Catalyst® is a breakthrough new green chemistry that leads to a new model in water care. It works by increasing dissolved oxygen levels and rapidly catalyzing organic contaminants, resulting in absolutely crystal clear water. This extraordinary capability makes it possible to substantially reduce the use of harsh chemicals and providing the highest level of water safety... Learn more about Aqua-CatalystTM.

Pond treated with Aqua-CatalystTM



EcoCatalyst® – Advanced Bio-Catalytic Treatment of Solid Wastes & Sewers
EcoCatalyst® consists of a highly nutrient rich composition of mircobial growth factors, with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that affects breaking of molecular bonds through the mechanism of beta-oxidation. EcoCatalyst® is applied through spray systems, direct pump injection, power washers, or any type of wash down system, at various dilutions depending upon the application being treated.  Learn more about EcoCatalyst®.

Cleaning of a stone tile floor permeated with oily stains and embedded dirt using EcoCatalyst®

Before After

EcoSystem Plus® – Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes
EcoSystem Plus® consists of a highly nutrient rich composition of microbial growth factors, with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that activate multiple improvements in the interconnected biological processes utilized within all wastewater treatment facilities.  EcoSystem Plus® is dosed at extremely high dilutions directly into the wastewater influent, through aeration systems, or sludge feed lines, with standard chemical injection pumps. Learn more about EcoSystem Plus®.

Before treatment of FOG, mass was dense and hard, after 11 days FOGs were eliminated and could not reform EcoSystem Plus®

Before After



EcoCatalyst Green® – Advanced Bio-Catalytic Deep Cleaning and Odor Control
EcoCatalyst Green® use transforms any environment, home or commercial facility, to the most amazingly clean and odor-free state, far surpassing any other cleaning solution available on the market. EcoCatalyst Green® is best used as a kitchen degreaser, oven cleaner, on grills, and for bathrooms odors, and tile and grout cleaner. Learn more about EcoCatalyst Green®.

Drains cleaned using EcoCatalyst Green®

Before After


Results using a pressure washing machine on the pavement with EcoCatalyst Green®

Before After

Eccomate® – Municipal & Industrial Odor Control
EccoMate® contains a highly nutrient rich composition; with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that are able to break down molecular bonds through the mechanism of ‘beta-oxidation’. EccoMate® is specifically directed at odor neutralization and composting optimization. Learn more about Eccomate®.

Odor free composting using Eccomate®

Before After