Aqua-CatalystTM – Crystal Clear Water Clarity, Pools & Spas

  • Ultra-Pure Water Clarity.
  • Dissolves Body and Suntan Oils.
  • Neutralizes Chlorine Gas Fumes (VOCs).
  • Reduces Chemical Usage.
  • Helps Prevent Scaling.
  • Saves on Maintenance Costs.
  • Keeps Filters Clean.
  • Compatible with all ozone systems, and sanitizing chemicals.

Aqua-CatalystTM is a breakthrough new green chemistry that leads to a new model in water care. It works by increasing dissolved oxygen levels and rapidly catalyzing organic contaminants, resulting in absolutely crystal clear water. This extraordinary capability makes it possible to substantially reduce the use of harsh chemicals and providing the highest level of water safety.

The vital factor in creating clean, clear and ultimately, healthy bodies of water is in the complete elimination of the soluble organic contaminates within water, which virtually eliminates backwashing requirements. Aqua-CatalystTM triggers the rapid catalytic breakdown of organic contaminates to create clean and clear bodies of water. Aqua-CatalystTM breaks down and dissolves body oils, suntan oils/lotions, hair treatments and cosmetics in the water.

Aqua-CatalystTM is applied directly into the water or added to the filter system. It will immediately break down any organic elements in the water column, prevent mineralization scaling. It will also substantially decrease the need for all other chemicals, including: scale removers, clarifiers, filter cleaners or acid washing.

Aqua-CatalystTM has very synergistic characteristics that enhance water clarification and nearly all treatment systems used to purify water. BOC bio-catalytic technology works by increasing oxygen transfer rates and elevating the dissolved oxygen levels within water bodies (a key water quality measurement). This critical mechanism works in conjunction with a rapid breakdown of the organic wastes within the water column to create the highest purity in the water.

Aqua-CatalystTM has shown the ability to eliminate the buildup of mineralization and biological film growth in water lines and tanks, reducing the organic waste by-products that feed pathogen growth and odorous conditions. The ability to increase dissolved oxygen levels has proven to be the key factor in the Company’s success in creating the highest water quality and clarity in the industry.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduction of sanitizing chemicals.
  • Reduction of waste by-products remaining in water column.
  • Reduction of chemical odors (VOCs).
  • Elimination of mineralization buildup.
  • Elimination of organic growth and films