Odor Neutralization – Advanced Odor Control And Air Quality Systems

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EccoMate has shown superior capabilities in odor elimination due the enhancement of oxygen gas transfer rates and conversion of anaerobic biological conditions to an aerobic state. The ability to effect an instantaneous elimination of noxious odors and dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulfides (H2S), has important value to worker safety and preventing community complaints.

Existing odor reduction chemistries include oxidation oriented chemical agents and bacterial mixtures that are not nearly as effective, can cost more, and lack the additional capabilities our bio-catalysts of enhancing aerobic biological conditions.  These attributes are critical to eliminating the biological factors which lead to the formation of noxious gases and odors.  Additionally, studies are showing that in composting operations the actual rate of aerobic composting to be substantially improved with EccoMate. For instance, ORKIN, the largest pest control company in North America, is using EccoMate as the active chemistry of its odor control units which are installed on a monthly service model to its substantial client base of restaurant and property owners.

An important aspect of odor control is the connection with insect control, as odors are the primary attractor to flies and other insects that plague establishments which deal in food wastes and other organic waste streams. Through bio-catalytic oxygen transfer mechanism, EccoMate creates an immediate and accelerated cessation of odors from septic waters and solid wastes, and restoration of healthier aerobic biological conditions within entire ecological areas, such as the noxious odors produced in wastewater treatment, lagoons, urban and rural waterways, as well as the composting processes of renewable organic wastes.

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