NONTOX® – Surface Washing Agent: Soils, Hard Surfaces, Marine & Environmental Clean-Up

  • Breaks Molecular Bonds
  • Accelerates Remediation Rates
  • Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Enhances Indigenous Microbiological Populations


The cleaning and remediation of petroleum hydorcarbon contaminated water and soil is a fundamental environmental challenge that impacts most industries and transportation systems. NONTOX® is a specially formulated bio-organic catalytic composition which greatly accelerates remediation rates, at very low relative costs compared to traditional remediation technologies. NONTOX® provides a superior cleaning capability when used to wash petroleum hydorcarbon based contaminants, then allows for their subsequent biological breakdown, so that the cleaning/ remediation process is combined together into a synergistic and complementary procedure. NONTOX® is a highly concentrated bio-organic catalyst composition formulated to provide instant protection from accidental hydrocarbon ignition during cleanup of petroleum spills and wastes. NONTOX® contributes oxygen to encourageindigenous microbial colonies to quickly consume and neutralize these hazardous compounds in both water and soil applications.


Benefits Include:

  • Removes up to 90% to Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in 96 hours.
  • NONTOX® formula does not require personal protective equipment to apply.
  • Provides immediate and ongoing VOC odor suppression.
  • Able to provide superior cleaning and breakdown of oil coatings and wastes.
  • Accelerates biodegredation rates of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).
  • Improves the effectiveness of most other remediation technologies.
  • Treats all types of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Helps in the precipitation of metals in wastewater discharges.
  • Can be used at extremely high dilution rates with no special equipment.
  • Reduces costs associated with soil and water remediation and clean-up.
  • Safe for Humans, Animals and Marine Life.


Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation and Cleaning
NONTOX® is a biocatalytic system in a liquid concentrate form that stimulates and accelerates natural biological reactions. When combined with fresh or salt water and oxygen, the product will cause crude oil, jet fuel, diesel oil and other organic substances to rapidly decompose, eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water as end products.


Benefits Include:

  • It is non-toxic and safe to humans, animals, marine life and plant life. It is 100% biodegradable.
  • Works in concert with indigenous bacteria. No cultured or foreign bacteria are introduced into the ecosystem.
  • Is nonflammable. It will reduce fire hazards by increasing flash points and auto ignition threshold points in substances such as gasoline or fuel oil.
  • Eliminates obnoxious odors associated with crude oil, petroleum derivatives and other organic molecules that are proceeding through the natural decomposing process.
  • Is fully compatible with most types of application equipment now in use. The product may be easily applied by hand or power sprayers, helicopter, airplane or floating equipment. Its application requires no special safety equipment.


NONTOX Breakdown

Targeted Hydrocarbon Contaminants
In this case, the hydrocarbon compounds found in water, soil and air are the selected targets of NONTOX®. This would include such petroleum derived products as crude oil, drilling mud’s, creosote, kerosene, coal tars, gasoline, diesel, bunker fuels, lubricating and hydraulic fluids. Other contaminant groups would include aliphatic and aromatichydrocarbons, poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated aliphatic compounds, chlorinated aromatic compounds and chlorinated and non-chlorinated phenols.


Bacterial Proliferation
The successful biodegradation of petroleum is dependent on two factors: 1) having the bio-organic catalyst reduce the petroleum to a form, which can be readily assimilated, by bacteria and 2) stimulating the proliferation of naturally occurring nonpathogenic heterotrophic bacteria. NONTOX® to significantly increase beneficial bacterial activity in
bay water by 12,857% and ocean water by 14,333%.


Accelerated Bioremediation
Independent laboratory studies from specialists in petroleum technology have quantified the ability of NONTOX® to dramatically reduce petroleum contaminants. Showing a 90% reduction in Jet-A, Diesel-2 and Heavy Duty Lube Oil within 96 hours. NONTOX® is a unique biocatalytic system that accelerates natural biological reactions with hydrocarbon products in water.


Metal Contamination Precipitation
Another benefit of NONTOX® use is its ability to break the matrix that suspends metals.


Flammability Reduction
Open cup flash points and auto ignition temperature tests quantify the ability of NONTOX® to render petroleum products nonflammable and dramatically increase their auto ignition temperatures. NONTOX® alters the molecular structure that dramatically reduces flammability and the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their odors. The importance of this feature cannot be overstated in terms of shipboard
safety and survivability.