EcoSystem Plus – Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes

  • Improves Oxygen Transfer
  • Increases Yields of Methane in Anaerobic Digestion
  • Reduces Aeration Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Solids and Sludge Volumes

EcoSystem Plus® is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water column and break the ester bonds of organic wastes. It will improve the biological oxidation-reduction rates of wastewater treatment systems, improve the quality of discharges, and substantially reduce H2S odor levels.

EcoSystem Plus® will improve anaerobic digestion bio-methane yields and quality of bio-solids through releasing the power of bio-catalytic breaking of molecular bonds. It contains no bacteria, or active enzymes, but stimulates the vitality of indigenous microorganisms by providing substantial improvement in oxygen availability and oxygen transfer, along with releasing the bound nutrient values in waste streams.