EcoCatalyst Green® – Advanced Deep Cleaning & Odor Control Of Fats, Oils, Greases, Soils & Hydrocarbons


  • Enhances breakdown of biological film growth, removing the residues that support septic & odorous gas formation.
  • Keeps drain lines clean and free flowing through the breakdown of biological film growth and FOGs.
  • Provides instant odor neutralization on contact.
  • Improves sanitation protocols with cleaner surfaces.
  • Dissolves mineralization in tanks and lines.

EcoCatalyst Green® is a revolutionary bio-catalytic cleaner that offers an ultra-deep cleaning of surfaces and embedded substrates with the highest green safety profile. It’s a breakthrough cleaning model that takes the cleaning of all types of wastes to a new level of performance, where the waste components are catalytically broken down in the cleaning process, leaving no residues behind on surfaces and drain lines.

The use of EcoCatalyst Green® transforms any environment, home or commercial facility, to the most amazingly clean and odor-free state, far surpassing any other cleaning solutions available on the market. It’s unique in its ability to change the underlying conditions that produce septic and biological film growth on surfaces and drain lines, eliminating the biological factors that cause unhealthy residues that support pathogen growth and drain line blockages.

Watch our video on the degreasing and cleaning of a meat packing facility.