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Bio-Organic Catalyst Index of Case Studies

Our products are directed at solving the most critical aspects of improving water quality and improving those that present the greatest challenges. The strength of the BOC technology is its ability to contribute unique solutions to enhancing the underlying biological and chemical processes that are universal to nearly all industrial cleaning, petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, water treatment and purification systems worldwide. Read our case studies to see how cities and companies have benefited from the value of Bio-Organic Catalytic solutions.

Conferences & General Overviews

  • 14th Annual European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference and Exhibition
  • 13th Annual EPA New England Pretreatment Coordinators



  • Increasing Yields of crops without using Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Effect On Germination and Growing Of Rice Seed
  • Use of Bio-Organic Catalyst Phyto-CatalystTM Treatment of Agricultural, Moscow Region
  • BioCycle Conference 2013

Bio-Organic Catalyst Aquaculture


  • Auburn University: Evaluation of Bio-Organic Catalyst in Channel Catfish Ponds
  • Biocatalizador Organico BOC en Piscicultura

Bio-Organic Catalyst Anaerobic Digestion Application

Anaerobic Digestion

  • Anaerobic Digester Optimization with Bio-Organic Catalyst

Bio-Catalytic Cleaning Application
Bio-Catalytic Cleaning

  • Advanced Bio-Catalytic Cleaning with Bio-Organic Catalyst
  • Republic Services-Transfer Station, Facility Clean up with EcoCatalyst Green®

Composting, Odor Control & Animal Care

  • Use of Bio-Organic Catalyst EcoCatalyst® for Odor Removal in Wastewater Treatment Sludge
  • Use of Bio-Organic Catalyst EcoSystem Plus® Treatment, Moscow Region
  • Examples Of Eccomate® Odor Elimination Systems For Garbage
  • Odor Control in Composting (Spanish)
  • Elimination Of Odors And Process Improvements In A Creamery Plant


Hydrocarbon Cleaning/Remediation

  • Biocatalizadores en Rellenos Sanitario – Spanish
  • Caso Exitoso Biocatalizador Nontox – Spanish


Wastewater Treatment & Collection Systems

  • Emergency Sewer Northern Cartagena
  • Odor Control Misting System, MoPHo Restaurant
  • Reduction Excess Sewage Surcharges: FOG’s (Fats,Oils,Grease) & TSS In A Large N.E. Bio-Processing Facility
  • BOC Treatment Of FOG’s In Secondary Clarifier Influent Channel B With EcoCatalyst, Deer Island WWTP
  • Foxborough Stadium Complex H2S Odor Control/FOG Reduction Program
  • Bio-Organic Catalyst Sewer Odor Control
  • BOC Springs EcoSystem Plus® Trial
  • BOC Odor Reduction Program For Kiewit Infrastructure West-Installation
  • Collection System Treatment with Bio-Organic Catalyst
  • EPA New England 14th Annual Pretreatment Workshop
  • BOC Canada St. Mary’s summary
  • Balboa Island/Little Island Pump Station
  • BOC Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control Reduction Program
  • Sewerage Treatment Application: Sky Court, Al Ain Road

Bio-Organic Catalyst Water Purification Application

Water Clarification

  • Ecological Restoration at Major NE Airport
  • Use Of AQ-C28 Water Clarifier In the Graydon Pool, Ridgewood,NJ
  • Results Of Ecosystems Plus® Injection In Secondary Aeration Lagoons