Boating and Marine

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The ship at sea is its own self-contained ecological system residing within a vast interconnected ecological system – the Sea.  Environmental challenges are generally tied to on-board fuel spillage that present danger of fire and explosions, yet must be contained to not cause harm to the greater ecological health of the marine environment.

BOC is a revolutionary technological breakthrough that has evolved from work on water purification and bio-remediation applications over many years.  BOC activates a natural accelerated break down of the molecular structure of hydrocarbons, rendering them more available for microbial consumption within the environment.

BOC immediately makes fuel spillage non-flammable when sprayed upon the fuel, this feature resolves the risk of explosions at sea. This is made possible through eliminating the VOCs that evolve in the vapor phase from hydrocarbons, it also eliminates the unpleasant and noxious odors of fuel that plagues many boats and ships. In addition to the fuel spillage safety and remediation aspects, BOC offers excellent surface cleaning, odor elimination of wastes, and degradation of biological film growth that is the primary cause of corrosion of a ship’s hull and equipment.

Benefits to the Marine and Boating marketplace include:

  • Extremely safe and non-toxic to aquatic marine life
  • Instantly eliminates noxious odors on contact
  • Provides an effective anti-ignition tool to fuel spills
  • Accelerates the natural breakdown of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants
  • Breaks down biological film growth and corrosion

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