Bio-Organic Catalyst Receives 2016 Infrastructure Award

Bio-Organic Catalyst was recently awarded with the 2016 best waste management solutions provider and innovation award for waste-to-energy systems!

We have been pioneers in the development of a new paradigm in biological enhancement of the underlying processes used in both water purification and wastewater treatment. This foundation has evolved to world leading capabilities in odour control and biogas optimization, furthering the foundation we have built in harnessing the power in nature to transform polluted waters and wastes into environmentally healthy water and soils.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of bio-organic catalyst compositions to the world’s water treatment systems, and to transform the entire field of the cleaning arts. Our guiding ethos leads us to value and honour the relationships which underlie all ecological systems. Our work brings a better life to all life.

Download the PDF for the full article.

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