Bio-Catalytic Technology

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BOC has very synergistic characteristics that enhance water clarification and nearly all treatment systems used to purify water.

Municipal water systems, agricultural irrigation, aquaculture ponds, cooling towers, lagoons, rivers, pools, and hot tubs are all systems where water purity quality are dramatically impacted by BOC, and where BOC has distinct and proven technical advantages over any other chemistry.

BOC bio-catalytic technology works by increasing oxygen transfer rates and elevating the dissolved oxygen levels within water bodies (a key water quality measurement). This critical mechanism works in conjunction with a rapid breakdown of the organic wastes within the water column to create a higher purity of water.

BOC has shown the ability to eliminate the buildup of mineralization and biological film growth in water lines and tanks, reducing the organic waste by-products that feed pathogen growth and odorous conditions.

The ability to increase dissolved oxygen levels has proven to be the key factor in the Company’s success in eliminating odors in water bodies. The bio-catalytic capabilities provide a powerful broad spectrum enzymatic breaking of molecular bonds.

A key feature of BOC products is the immediate elimination of noxious odors upon contact.  Thereafter, BOC naturally accelerates the release of pollutant streams into a more readily consumable food source for ecological restoration.

Benefits include:

·        Clarification of water

·        Reduction of sanitizing chemicals

·        Reduction of waste by-products remaining in water column

·        Reduction of chemical odors (VOCs)

·        Elimination of mineralization buildup

·        Elimination of organic growth and films


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BOC biocatalytic compositions provide numerous benefits all of the biological processes (aerobic and anaerobic) used to convert waste loadings into high quality discharges.

The array of benefits made possible with BOCs can be applied system-wide to bring critical solutions to the fundamental challenges of operators.  Odors, improving dissolved oxygen levels, reduction of organic loadings and biosolids, and improvements in discharges, are all operating parameters that can be improved with use of BOC.

BOC will allow a higher conversion of organic wastes, reduce energy usage, and lower sludge volumes. BOC  will therefore substantially expand a wastewater facility’s total loading and capacity requirements.

By greatly lowering the quantity of biosolids, processing and dewatering requirements are reduced. Transportation costs for hauling away these biosolids to landfills is likewise reduced.

BOC is unique in the ability to provide substantial improvements in dissolved oxygen levels, while simultaneously reducing the energy requirements of the aeration systems. This is both economically compelling, as well as critically important when the wastewater system is attempting to treat heavy organic loadings than the system is optimally designed.

The capability to not only eliminate H2S gas levels and odors, grease clogging is unequaled by any other technology on the market. Ultimately, BOC offers a tool to create within the collection system an accelerated aerobic biological breakdown of the organic loading (BOD/TKN) of the sewage prior to entering the wastewater treatment facility.

Benefits include:

  • Elimination of Odors
  • Increased Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Reduces Energy Usage
  • Eliminates Floating Grease Build-up
  • Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Amines, Ketones and Mercaptans
  • Reduces Sludge Volumes
  • Reduces BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), TDS (Total Suspended Solids) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Enhances Biological Processing (BNR)
  • Cleans Collection System (Odors, Slime & FOGs)
  • Breaks Down Organic Binders & Mineralization (Struvite)
  • Reduces Oxidation Chemicals
  • Cleans Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) Lagoons


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BOC has phenomenal H2S gas (odor) reduction performance compared to other chemical or biological agent in the marketplace.  Importantly, it also offers an ability to biologically reduce sewage upstream of wastewater treatment facilities. BOC is able to treat miles of sewer lines downstream of injection, cleaning the biological growth (slime layers) within the pipes which are the underlying biological sites for anaerobic conditions leading to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) formation, and creating higher bulk sewage dissolved oxygen levels.

BOC is able to increase the dissolved oxygen levels  within the sewage flowing  through the sewer pipes as it captures dissolved oxygen from the turbulence of wastewater flows.  When combined with aeration within wet wells, floating grease, clogging, and odorous gases can be solved, while at the same time initiating the biological reactions which can lower the eventual loadings (BOD/TKN) and discharges of wastewater treatment facilities.

Bio-catalysis of wastewater constituents (BOD, TKN) within the collection system, reduces the loading values prior to the wastewater treatment facility, thereby reducing aeration demands from BOD and TKN reductions.

BOC has shown capabilities to lower H2S levels in sewer line repair/replacement that exceed the capabilities of all other chemical products on the market.  This market application has proven to be quite compelling as the threshold levels of H2S for worker safety make these a crucial test of product performance against all competing, and typically toxic, chemical agents.

Benefits include:

  • Substantially eliminate H2S gases and odors
  • Eliminate floating grease in pump stations
  • Treat upstream TKN/BOD loadings (Active pre-treatment of sewage)
  • Reduce chemical costs
  • Much safer than harsh and toxic chemicals


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EccoMate has shown superior capabilities in odor elimination due the enhancement of oxygen gas transfer rates and conversion of anaerobic biological conditions to an aerobic state. The ability to effect an instantaneous elimination of noxious odors and dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulfides (H2S), has important value to worker safety and preventing community complaints.

Existing odor reduction chemistries include oxidation oriented chemical agents and bacterial mixtures that are not nearly as effective, can cost more, and lack the additional capabilities our bio-catalysts of enhancing aerobic biological conditions.  These attributes are critical to eliminating the biological factors which lead to the formation of noxious gases and odors.  Additionally, studies are showing that in composting operations the actual rate of aerobic composting to be substantially improved with EccoMate.

For instance, ORKIN, the largest pest control company in North America, is using EccoMate as the active chemistry of its odor control units which are installed on a monthly service model to its substantial client base of restaurant and property owners.  An important aspect of odor control is the connection with insect control, as odors are the primary attractor to flies and other insects that plague establishments which deal in food wastes and other organic waste streams.

Through bio-catalytic oxygen transfer mechanism, EccoMate creates an immediate and accelerated cessation of odors from septic waters and solid wastes, and restoration of healthier aerobic biological conditions within entire ecological areas, such as the noxious odors produced in wastewater treatment, lagoons, urban and rural waterways, as well as the composting processes of renewable organic wastes.


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Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.’s biocatalysts (BOCs) are the next generation in green chemistry; where surface waste contaminants are both safely cleaned and then rapidly broken down via bio-catalysis into their fundamental constituents.

BOCs offer the highest performance of any deodorizer, cleaner or degreaser; with a non-toxic and biodegradable (green) cleaning chemistry, combined with a virtually instantaneous catalytic breakdown (biodegradation) of the waste contaminants; yielding ultra-clean surfaces, substrates, and drainage systems.

The BOC biocatalyst technology represents a transformation for the cleaning industry, whereby all general cleaning, degreasing, hydrocarbon remediation, drain cleaning, odor elimination, and wastewater discharges are synergistically integrated. The total process becomes upgraded into a single and cost-effective environmental management model, benefiting staff, cleaning quality, and the bottom line.

BOCs also eliminate microscopic organic bio-film growth (‘biofilms’), as well as the residues of traditional detergents, chemicals and sanitation agents; resulting in a new standard in cleanliness and public health.

BOCs meet EPA and USDA requirements for use in food preparation and discharge into public waterways. Use of BOCs has demonstrated impressive results in reducing environmental pollutants and wastewater discharges.

BOCs are completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-allergenic.

BOCs will replace most cleaners, detergents, degreasers, and solvents. BOCs bring immediate elimination of septic conditions and noxious gases.

  • The toughest stains and soils are deeply cleaned.
  • Dangerous volatile gases and odors are immediately neutralized.
  • Greases and oils are easily removed and rapidly catalyzed.
  • Drains are made free-flowing.
  • Wastewater discharges are treated ‘at-source’.
  • Microscopic bio-films that harbor toxins are quickly dissolved.
  • Both surfaces and underlying substrates are left ultra-clean.

The rapid break down of FOGs (lipids & hydrocarbons) feature of the BOC biocatalytic compositions is highly unique in the marketplace, and an area that offers tremendous benefits to nearly all cleaning systems. In drainage pipes, collection systems (sewers) and intake channels, grease buildups are a chronic problem that blocks lines and must be cleared on a regular basis.

Hotel del Coronado, Fairmont San Francisco, Chrysler Pacifica Design Center, Paramount Pictures, and Blue Beacon Truck Wash are long-time customers. Many Las Vegas Casino Hotels are purchasing BOCs, including Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, Bally’s, Las Vegas Hilton, and Tahiti Village Resort. Hospitality customers include Peninsula Beverly Hills, Four Seasons Hotel New York, Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara, Embassy Suites La Jolla, Marriott San Francisco, and Marriott Seattle.

Municipal customers in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Toronto, Arizona, and California are using BOCs for applications in municipal sewer systems, including pump stations, and wastewater treatment facilities.





Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Pollutants

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Cleaning of Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Pollutants

NONTOX™ offers a highly effective bio-catalytic cleaning agent for petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) pollutants.  NONTOX™ acts on the full spectrum of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants, providing very deep cleaning capabilities, especially within substrates, as it solubilizes these insoluble pollutants, rending them more suitable for subsequent environmental treatment procedures.

NONTOX™ is highly water-soluble and is able to be used effectively at extremely high dilutions through any water spraying or foaming systems. The safety and economy of using bio-catalytic compositions surpasses traditional harsh chemical agents in addressing the primary challenges and underlying ecological restoration mechanisms that are required in protecting the environment.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate action on insoluble TPH compounds
  • Immediate rise of flash point of fuels
  • Enhancement of subsequent remediation procedures of TPH pollutants
  • Stimulation of indigenous microbiological populations
  • Ultra-Deep cleaning of substrates of TPH pollutants


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BOC provides exceptional values to any composting operation.  It will, when sprayed onto a compost pile, instantly neutralize noxious odors.  This can be accomplished at a range of dosage rates depending upon turnover of piles, nature of organic wastes, weather conditions, etc.  Atmospheric misting is also extremely effective and will provide a much improved odor neutralization than any competing product, at a very competitive price.

Recent scientific studies have shown confirmation of the ability of BOC to accelerate composting rates, resulting in greater turnovers to operators and higher quality compost.

Easily applied simply by adding to the water used to water compost piles, BOC offers a fundamental tool that any composting operation will find has compelling operational and economic value.

Benefits include:

  • Instant neutralization of odors on contact
  • Accelerated composting rates
  • Improved quality of compost
  • Higher turnover of compost
  • Reduced cost in operations


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BOC offers substantial improvement in anaerobic digestion, providing higher yields of bio-methane, improved sludge quality, reduction of total solids, and significant reduction of noxious sludge odors.

BOC has shown, in municipal and industrial anaerobic digestion systems, that they act on the TVS and TS components, providing higher reduction rates over baseline values.

BOC can increase bio-methane yields over 100%, with up to 30% reduction in total solids discharged. Sludge quality is enhanced due to more complete digestion and sludge odors will be greatly reduced, including odors in dewatering operations.

BOC accelerate the anaerobic digestion processes into more optimized conversion efficiency. Case studies show a much higher yield per pound, or kilo, of organic waste biogas, while clearing the internal accumulations that build up over time.BOC requires little capital equipment expenditure, as installations involve simple  injection pumps, along with a reservoir of BOCs.  Results become evident relatively quickly, as a faster release of high bio-methane value components of the waste material shifts the internal biomass within the anaerobic digester into the Methanogenesis phase, increasing the bio-methane yields and total consumption of volatile fatty acids.

Applications in municipal and food processing AD systems showed close correlations between higher TS and TVS conversion rates and higher bio-methane yields on a dry weight comparison, pointing towards an acceleration of the phased Methanogenesis cycle.  This results in total overall enhancement of complete biomass vitality and microbiological population densities involved in the anaerobic processes required for optimal bio-methane yields and BTU values.

The combined total mass balance analysis shows improvements in obtaining optimal bio-methane yields,  On a dry weight TVS basis, can run from 25% – 100% over comparable baselines.

Additionally, the final biosolids quality and weight reductions (up to 25%), including substantial elimination of noxious biosolids odors, all indicate a more complete biological conversion of nutrient values.

Benefits include:

  • Increase bio-methane yields
  • Allow more complete digestion of solids
  • Reduce volume of solids
  • Reduce odors from solids in dewatering operations
  • Improve quality of solids


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The Phytozyme bio-catalytic composition offer a revolutionary technology to enhancing the microbial health of soils.   Phytozyme is delivered in very high dilutions through watering systems so that its implementation is extremely simple.

The primary benefits are related to improving the microbiological conditions within the soil, thus directly impacting root growth and the optimization of nutrient uptake.

Phytozyme has been used for years in golf course turf maintenance to solve the chronic issues of water peculation, either preventing anaerobic conditions due to poor water peculation, or dry conditions due to lack of adequate biomass health within the subsurface soils.

Agricultural applications of the BOC bio-catalytic compositions has been more limited compared to our work in water treatment as long term studies are still required to quantify the full extent of the benefits to soils and plant health, the potential is enormous.

The potential of improving nitrogen fixation, thereby lowering the amount of fertilizer usage of nitrogen required for optimal plant growth, is an aera where the Company is investigating the use of Phytozyme use on a broad basis.  Additionally, the oxygen transfer enhancements and breakdown of biological film growth, offer exciting implication in hydroponic systems.


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The use of BOC biocatalytic compositions to establish optimal Ecological Animal Care is an incredibly exciting area for us.  Ecological Animal Care is built on our unparalleled performance in odor elimination, the resulting substantial reduction in insects and pests, and in enhancing the breakdown of animal’s wastes on a highly accelerated basis.  These capabilities are always a major factor to either the pet owner, or large animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

For the pet owner, we offer the highest safety profile with superior performance.  Urine odors are primarily an ammonia type compound, which with simple spraying is rendered immediately neutralized.  Feces and their cleanup has never been more effectively handled due the capabilities of BOC biocatalytic compositions to breakdown the organic components which soak into substrates, such as cement floors or fabrics.

In stables and large animal feeding operations, including piggeries, the highest animal safety characteristics is combined with both the most effective odor neutralization agent on the market, but also a catalytic chemistry that breaks down the wastes.  Effective at high dilutions either through spray down system, or manually applied, it is now possible to bring any facility to a state of being odor free and ultra-clean.


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AQ Plus & AQ C28:  Improves water quality, clarity, reduces chemical usage, and improves fish mortality aquaculture operations.

The BOC water treatment product line offers a powerful broad spectrum bio- catalyst that significantly accelerates the natural biological degradation rate of organic waste by up to 1000 times, and provides very high oxygen transfer characteristics, and accumulation of greater dissolved oxygen in water bodies.


  • Improved available dissolved oxygen
  • Biological reduction of sulfides, ammonia, phosphorus and nitrite
  • Reduced environmental stress on stocks
  • Reduced turbidity
  • Reduced / eliminated phytoplankton growth
  • Oil and grease eliminated
  • PH regulated
  • Reduced bacterial growth (Enhanced bio-security)
  • Cleaner tanks / filters / reducing maintenance
  • Reduces energy consumption (aeration system)
  • Odor Control
  • Beneficial to Recalculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Breaks Down Organic Binders & Mineralization


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The ship at sea is its own self-contained ecological system residing within a vast interconnected ecological system – the Sea.  Environmental challenges are generally tied to on-board fuel spillage that present danger of fire and explosions, yet must be contained to not cause harm to the greater ecological health of the marine environment.

BOC is a revolutionary technological breakthrough that has evolved from work on water purification and bio-remediation applications over many years.  BOC activates a natural accelerated break down of the molecular structure of hydrocarbons, rendering them more available for microbial consumption within the environment.

BOC immediately makes fuel spillage inflammable when sprayed upon the fuel.  This feature resolves the risk of explosions at sea.  This is made possible through eliminating the VOCs that evolve in the vapor phase from hydrocarbons.  This feature also eliminates the unpleasant and noxious odors of fuel that plagues many boats and ships.

In addition to the fuel spillage safety and remediation aspects, BOC offers excellent surface cleaning, odor elimination of wastes, and degradation of biological film growth that is the primary cause of corrosion of a ship’s hull and equipment.

Benefits to the Marine and Boating marketplace include:

1. Extremely safe and non-toxic to aquatic marine life

2) Instantly eliminates noxious odors on contact

3) Provides an effective anti-ignition tool to fuel spills

4) Accelerates the natural breakdown of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants

5) Brakes down biological film growth and corrosion